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In the Sandra Rich online shop at Deko-Mich, you'll not only find the bestselling products but the complete range of the brand Sandra Rich, for business customers as well as consumers. Discover the Sandra Rich news 2016, the bestsellers in the Sandra Rich vases category and many more top products by Sandra Rich from their glass and porcelain product range.

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Possibilities for Decoration with Sandra Rich

The features of Sandra Rich products are puristical design and versatile application. Therefore, the wide variety of products lends itself to professional application in floristics and decoration as well as to creative use by consumers. With our products by Sandra Rich you've found the perfect basis for all your decoration ideas.

  1. Flower Pots and Cachepots
  2. Flower pots and cachepots by Sandra Rich accentuate your flowers and have a great impact on the style of your flower decoration. Opt for a more simple pot if you wish to highlight the elegance of the flowers or browse the products of Sandra´s Secret Garden, if you want to add a more rustic touch to your flower arrangements. Additionally, we offer special orchid pots that allow the plants' roots to receive some light. Do not be afraid to pick orchid and pot in differing colours; this will lend that "certain something" to your decoration!

  3. Glass Bowls and Porcelain Bowls
  4. Bowls offer the perfect basis for any decoration and are timeless and durable. You may use the bowls all year and for any occasion, depending on how you decorate the item. During winter time, candles, Christmas baubles, fir cones and moss add a Christmassy charm to your glass vases, whereas during summertime, sand, sea shells and artificial starfish add some holiday feeling to your home. The porcelain bowls can also be used as containers for your jewellery or even as dessert bowls.

  5. Plates and Platters
  6. Platters as well as bowls offer the advantage of all-year usability for many years to come. From a single simple platter you can realize many a different decoration idea. Adorn your plates and platters with candles, decorative sand and orbs or use the platters for a classy presentation of small appetizers and finger food. Furthermore, mirror plates are perfect for showcasing gifts. Most notably, when you wish to give away many small items, you can accentuate them beautifully by arranging them on a platter.

  7. Glass Vases and Porcelain Vases
  8. Fill elegant vases with colourful artificial flowers and create a beautiful ambience in your home. You can alter the decoration for every season: create a decoration with Easter eggs and cresses during Easter, or in autumn, decorate your vases with acorns, fir cones, mini-pumpkins and colourful leaves and foliage. The glass vase Cyli, available in various sizes and models, is particularly popular. Also, the glass vases by Sandra Rich offer a great decorative potential for orchids as they need some light to reach the roots. Hint: orchids with a lot of aerial roots look very appealing in glass vessels.

Why Sandra Rich?

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Seasonal changes and ever new ideas are an essential part of decorations. For this reason, the product lines of Sandra Rich fit nearly perfectly into our range of products. Innovation and continous refinement - those are the principles of the company Sandra Rich, with the goal of providing their customers with lasting high-quality products for fair market value and attractive prices. Naturally, the company cannot manage this challenge on its own. For this reason, Sandra Rich has been fostering open and fair partnerships with their suppliers for many years.
In addition to the quality of their products, Sandra Rich hold the sustainability of their production dear to their heart. That's why the company pays mind to producing in an environment-friendly manner. To support this goal, Sandra Rich apply strict criteria to their suppliers and subject their products to regular controls by various independent institutions, such as the TÜV.
For the steady evolution of design Sandra Rich cooperates with industry and media such as Blomms and partner organizations like Wenzel Candles and EuroSand. Thus, they manage to develop up-to-date trend concepts spanning various classes of business. In addition to their standard product range, Sandra Rich also offer special decoration items for specific times of the year.

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